Pinpoint Media provides every step of the media-buying process with the level of personal service that you expect:

We are committed to understanding your audience.  Before any ad ever airs, we thoroughly research your markets and target audience.  We utilize Nielsen, Arbitron, Scarborough, and voter data throughout your campaign to keep your message on target. 

No campaign is ever written in stone.  As your needs change, we change with you.  From the beginning, we work with you to develop a media plan that suits your needs – from budget to timing and targeting.  No two clients are the same.  We work closely with your team to provide a plan that is specific to your needs.

Once you are ready to air, the heart of our job begins.  We aggressively negotiate the lowest possible rates,  achieve quality placements, know the campaign laws, and constantly monitor the market.

We get your ads on the air working with local traffic departments to make sure you get the quickest spot changes possible.  Time is money – your money – so we make sure that the message you want running is the one that is one the air.

Knowing what the rest of the market is doing is essential.  We monitor markets and apprise you of market activity before it even reaches the airwaves.  We provide you with spending, rating points, and flight dates of any pertinent advertiser active in your markets.

Our job isn’t over when the ads have stopped running.  We provide you with a full reconciliation of your media dollars after your campaign is over.  We work with vendors to get back any refunds or rebates that are outstanding and return them to you in a prompt fashion.