Pinpoint Media is a full service media-buying agency that is dedicated to providing expertise in media buying, unprecedented service and a personal attention to detail. We handle all aspects of your media buy, from TV and radio to print and digital. We have experience in buying media in almost every market in the country. Pinpoint Media guarantees that your work is handled in-house by our trained buyers, not by a freelancer to whom you will never speak. You always talk directly to the people handling your account.

Why Pinpoint?

True to our name, we find the right audience for you.  Our goal is to get you the most efficient media buy while never sacrificing your target audience.

We redefine the word “efficient.”  Efficiency isn’t just a bottom line number to us.  It is melding the lowest possible rates with quality research that delivers your message directly to the viewers and voters you need.  A lot of agencies talk about low costs; if they are just bargain-basement shopping and missing your audience, is that really efficient?

We break though the clutter of ads while never paying a penny more than we have to pay.  Using a combination of specific research, a strong knowledge of your markets, and a full understanding of FCC and state laws and regulations, we will provide you with the most effective media campaign without ever abandoning efficiency.  We never forget that your campaign is about your message, not just about our numbers.

Meredith Morton – President

With over 17 years of media-buying experience, Meredith Morton has bought media in almost every state in the country. Having worked on races at every level of government and an extensive list of issue and corporate clients, she understands the intricacies and importance of delivering tangible results to clients. Prior to starting Pinpoint Media, Meredith was President of Media Placement Technologies for 6 years and spent 5 years as their Senior Media Buyer before that.

Meredith holds a Master’s degree in Campaign Management from George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management and graduated magna cum laude from Mount Allison University with a degree in history. Meredith now lives in Alexandria, VA, with her husband and son.